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Who We Are

Novatec Lighting Inc is a BC Hydro Alliance Member that works with BC Hydro financial incentives programs to replace old inefficient technologies with new energy efficient products.


Our unwavering vision has always been to bring multi-discipline, cutting edge, energy saving products also eligible for the BC Hydro and Fortis rebate to our clients.

We have completed many lighting upgrade projects for commercial, institutional and retail facilities.  Our projects have ranged from small to large scale; we follow the project from the lighting audit to complete retrofit installation.


Our value to our clients lies in the development and execution of reliable and long-term energy-savings solutions.


The LED products we use are available in many different colors, outputs and configurations and by far, the most efficient, longest lasting and most environmentally friendly lighting systems on the market today. These LED’s products use only the highest quality LED chips combined with the most advanced drivers and thermal management in the business. This equals unsurpassed performance and life-cycle cost, backed by the best warranties in the business! Some of these products are designed to fit into existing light fixtures without the need of costly retro-fits and replacements.


We do not push a specific product to hit sales target and we are not bound to one supplier which limits options; instead, we are solution-focused and apply the most suitable mix of products to help our clients meet their energy and maintenance savings goal.

We are inspired by the idea that significant economic benefit can be obtained in conjunction with an even greater environmental benefit.


We commit ourselves to the pursuit of delivering to our clients cutting edge and proven lighting technology at pricing which makes economic sense.


We are independent agents and as such have the luxury and ability to choose the best products available from around the globe. This assures our clients access to the best products at the best pricing possible.

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